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I have always been passionate about getting targeted quality entertainment on demand not wanting to waste time with commercials and boring content. This has been a more than decade long interest and since the advent of the internet and media streaming the quest has taken leaps and bounds.

I started using the Roku in Canada just a couple years ago startinAbout Meg with the Roku XD it was a liberating experience especially with the use of Plex and Netflix. This all improved with the Roku 3 which is now the Ferrari of my collection of media players.

With the Rokus I have been able to ‘cut the cable’ as it were and with VOIP services like Magic Jack I’ve ‘cut the phone bill’ also. This allowed me to upgrade my internet service and get unlimited bandwidth usage per month, all while saving money. As a movie and TV enthusiast this has meant for the first time in my life TOTAL freedom with my entertainment. I now have all my favorite TV shows and Movies stored on an external hard drive with WiFi! Using Plex and the Rokus I can now literally turn on the TV and watch what ever I want. With Hulu Plus and Netflix I gain access to another wide variety of entertainment. I now can’t recommend the Roku enough to anyone looking to cut the cable, save money and get BETTER access to the entertainment they want!

It is now my mission to enlighten fellow Canadians and the rest of the world on the potential of Roku and personalized entertainment, with an especial interest in accessing American content and connecting the whole house to improve cross platform/device communication and connection.

If there are any questions you have that are not answered with the articles on my site feel free to contact me with your questions and I will do my best to help!


Founder of RokuInCanada.com

Email. daniel@rokuincanada.com

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    • It’s happening soon!

      I have big plans in the works for further reaching scope than just the Roku and entertainment. Like online jobs and business opportunities as well as more practical phone replacement technologies and even have a few articles in the works for optimizing life insurance policies for quirky and awesome advantages.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  1. Hi Daniel!

    Interesting site- I was never aware of this device although I have heard of it in sketchy details by other brands.I am interested in researching it further since to do live in the US but actually spent most of my life in Canada.my telephone bill is about $150/mthly and would like to look at other alternatives for TV and movie viewing.

    When I first visited your site, I was confused about exactly what a Roku is. I went to your heading “What is Roku, Defined and Explained” but didn’t get an understanding of it. I had to do a Google search to find out the definition of it and what it was. Then I found your explanation under your other heading :Where Can I buy a Roku”

    Good information and content for an alternative device for viewing Tvs and movies other than cable and TV/satellite dish companies. Do you have any comparative stats on prices with local Tv , Cable and satellite dish companies? Perhaps you could come up with a calculation to see if a user can actually save any money. I think lot of people would be interested in knowing if they can save money.


    • This is an awesome device and your right I figured these technologies were widespread and well known because quite frankly they kick butt. However time has shown me that many people don’t know what the Roku is and why it’s so great and are stuck paying big bills for the sub par entertainment packages offered by cable and satellite companies.

      I will definitely work on clarifying the Roku product and just why it is so great and how it compares to traditional generic cable and satellite subscriptions. That being said it doesn’t have to be a replacement it actually works well in tandem with a subscription, can get a little too pricey for some though.

  2. With the new Roku 2 and 3 (4210 and 4230) out, what’s the best way to do things for a Canadian who wants US content? I heard that the new Rokus sold in Canada have/will have hardwired DNS settings inside the box. Does that mean we should instead buy a Roku from a US retailer? I’m really tempted to get one of those new Roku 2s now.

    • That is a really good question Robert I haven’t heard the particulars of the new Roku’s having the DNS settings hard-coded. That sounds like a bad move on Roku’s part so I’m not sure that would happen. Especially because the only way to modify the Roku’s DNS settings until now have been to change the settings of its router… or the apps/channels can have hard-coded settings.

      Such as earlier this year the Netflix channel begun hard-coding to the google DNS servers. This caused temporary pain for fellow Canadians until a work around was discovered. Check out this article I wrote when it occurred!

      I’ll definitely look into it though as it would make things tricky for anyone in Canada. I will say that I have two ‘Canadian Version’ Rokus and the only difference I see is the packaging has french text included… so if this is happening its new and its uncool of Roku. Thanks for the heads up!

      Also if this is happening its likely to have a work around with the router. So if you are looking into the new Roku 2 I would suggest buying it somewhere you can return it if it’s a bust. Use the guide I have provide, here, and I wish you good luck. Please let me know how it goes and maybe I can help if its giving you heck 😉

  3. Thanks so much for this great info! I’ve been trying to learn about media streamers in Canada (my boxee is toast) and this has helped SO MUCH! Sorry to hear it doesn’t work with Unblock US as that is who I deal with now, but thanks so much for sharing all of those details, it will make the whole process much easier!!

  4. Hello, is it possible to connect a Roku streaming stick to an HDMI to RCA converter and run the signal through a DVD recorder and get a undistorted picture?

    • Hello Hans, I’m afraid I don’t know. I have used HDMI-to-RCA converters in the past with mixed results, they often work well but mine have not last more than a couple years before they no longer convert the video feed. The quality can be affected but generally they do a pretty good job.

      As for running this through a DVD recorder, I’m unsure what the result would be. I would venture that if you are able to run a cable box through the DVD recorder than you in theory should be able to do the same with the Roku via the converter as essentially all the recorder does is record the incoming video feed.

      Hope this helps, if you have any more questions feel free to ask. I must admit I haven’t used a DVD recorder in years.

  5. Hi Daniel

    Just wondering if the new Roku 4 will work here in Canada if I buy it in the US. I am not much interested in being able to get American programming as I use the Plex Chanel for all my media needs but the 4K really interests me as I have a 4K TV. Waiting for the Roku 4 to come to Canada might be a while.


    • In the past there hasn’t been any issues with a Roku sold in the US being used in Canada. So I would definitely say it’s a safe bet that you can use a US purchased Roku 4 in Canada.

    • Hello Michael,

      Visit this webpage, here.

      Roku does have a contact number:

      Phone Support: 1-888-600-7658 (ROKU)

      Hope they can help, just an fyi I’m not affiliated with Roku in any way, just a fan with a blog, helping others.

      Best of luck,

  6. Hello, I live in Fort Erie and enjoy OTA channels from Buffalo.
    My wife and I are contemplating a move to Trenton Ontario where the OTA is not as good.
    Would your service work there possibly?
    I would like to still watch such channels as METV, Antenna TV etc.
    What are the approximate costs, channels etc?
    Sorry for possibly asking uninformed questions but we always used Bell which I don’t like.

    • Hello Mike,

      I’m just a Roku fan with a blog and I’m in no official way affiliated with Roku Inc. That being said I think you will find any media set-top players will deliver a different experience compared to the one you are used to with OTA and Bell/Rogers. With Roku you have an on demand service that offers third party content such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Huffington Post, CBC, etc. There is very little to no local Canadian network content as of right now. No dedicated METV channel or Antenna TV access. Maybe check out Roku on Youtube to see what it looks like or visit their official website Roku.com for more information.



  7. I am trying your ROKU hack. and it doesn’t seem to be accepting my payment detais

    With my postal code numbers of 375 (00) or (01). still says there is an error.

    any other work arrounds.

    • Hello Dennis,

      This trick only works with a SmartDNS or VPN service (such as Overplay) applied to the network router. After the DNS servers are updated in the router settings you should see [US] before the web address for Roku.com. When this is all working ensure you restore the Roku box to factory settings and leave it unplugged then go ahead with the setup for the american Roku account via Roku’s website. At this point the postal code trick should work with the zip-code “37501” in your case.

      Refer to my article Canadian Roku with American Content.

      Best of Luck!

  8. Hi – I just bought the Roku Premier + at Best Buy here in Calgary. All set up, and enjoying the content on Netflix and other apps. I was trying to find Amazon Instant Video (I am an Amazon Prime subscriber), but I couldn’t find the app when I searched on “amazon” – the only app that showed up was “Picta Amazon Cloud Drive” which I haven’t heard of. Perhaps I’m missing something, but I thought Amazon Instant Video would be available off Hulu. Any insight?

    Thank you.

    • Hello Aleem,

      Amazon has not yet made an channel available for the Roku for Canadian customers. There is access to an Amazon channel for American subscribers on the Roku though. So it is likely only a matter of time before there is access to an Amazon channel on the Roku for Canadians.

      Sorry I don’t have better news to give you. It is frustrating when there is already a working channel for Americans and now access to the Amazon Prime Video for Canadian subscribers, you would think Amazon would develop the Canadian Roku channel…

      There is a Reddit on this exact issue where there is a link to send a channel request to Roku. I suggest you add your suggestion to help build momentum in Roku finding a way to get the Amazon channel for Canadians, tell Roku here.

  9. Hi Daniel,
    Thank you for creating this blog. I am contemplating “cutting the cord” and purchasing a Roku. I have searched their site and can’t seem to find an answer to this question for my husband who is NASCAR fan: “Would you happen to know if I can purchase a sports channel on Roku so that he can watch NASCAR live?” “Or even better yet, can we stream it for free.”
    Another query I have is that I understand that you can get a “skinny” channel package through VMEDIA for $17.95? Or, what is the best way to go about getting standard Canadian channels?
    Any information you can provide, would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you so much!

    • Hello Eve,

      I believe that NASCAR can be watched live via SlingTV with channels like FS1, Fox and NBC. SlingTV isn’t free but it’s live and if you follow my article here you can set it up in Canada. Not sure where you could stream it for free or if that’s even possible.

      Sorry, I am unfamiliar with VMEDIA but there isn’t any real way to get Canadian local channels live on the Roku as of yet that I know of. If you find one let me know so I can spread the word!

      Happy Streaming,

  10. Hi Daniel,

    Nice site! I am glad I came across your blog which is for sure very helpful. Do you know if BNN or BBC America is available on Roku in Canada? Also does it matter where you use Roku in Canada? I live in the Arctic and not sure if Northwest Tel (the internet provider here) does allow the use of this device.

    Thanks for the help.

    • Hello Saeed,

      I’m not sure about BNN or BBC America I have not found them on the Roku. SlingTV does have BBC World News but not the ones you’re asking about. I used to find BBC News and others under FilmON which is a UK based service available on the Roku but they may no longer offer it. It doesn’t matter where you use the Roku in Canada as far as I know. As long as it has access to a non restricted internet connection there will be no problems. An example of a restricted internet connection would be in a Starbucks or on a University Campus perhaps.

      p.s. There is a BBC America Roku channel available to American Roku users but it requires a subscription for anything good with no live content that I can see, write up here.

      Happy Streaming!

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