Canadian Roku with American Content



The Roku is best suited for the USA, that is undeniable, however, with the right services and initiative we can get the Canadian Roku with American content!

First we need some way to change how these content providers view our IP address, in particular we need to appear to be in the US when they check our location. This is done with VPN and smartDNS services such as Overplay (see my Unblock US and Overplay review).

I suggest Overplay because I’ve tested it and use it myself currently. Unblock US on the other hand didn’t work for me with the Roku account creation process at the beginning of this year (2014).

When you have registered for this service be sure to modify your router with their settings. You will be updating the router’s DNS settings with the DNS addresses given to you in your “My Account” area under the “SmartDNS” (see image below).

Overplay DNS Settings

You can find out how to change your router settings using a google search for your model number and brand. Unblock US has a fairly comprehensive set of instructions here.

When you have your VPN or SmartDNS service setup with your router begin the Roku account creation process (on a pc/tablet connected to the router).

1. First visit and select “Please sign in”

Roku Homepage

2. From here choose “Create account”.

Be sure you can see [US] before “”.

This is VERY important. If you don’t see this be sure to check your smartDNS settings are working correctly. If you don’t see this then its likely your smartDNS doesn’t support this webpage. Overplay should, it worked for me.

Create New American Account

3. Input your payment method normally, this can be deleted after account creation if you don’t wish to make purchases through your Roku. I haven’t had to pay for any of my content through Roku, only for subscription services like Netflix, paid separately. If you wish you can add a payment type later that has all your information with your Canadian address.



4. This is the tricky part, now you have to make sure “Country” is set to “United States” and choose an appropriate Zip Code. For this take your postal code and remove the letters, keeping the numbers, and replace them with two zeros on one side (Ex. A1B 2C3 becomes 00123 or 12300). Then verify this Zip Code is legit by checking here. Put the correct state where the Zip Code is found and fill in the rest with your normal address and your real name.

You can also choose a Zip Code of any five numbers if you like, just verify its a real one!

Canadian Roku American Content

5. From here the rest is simple, follow the on screen instructions, turn on your Roku when the account is created and you are brought to the “My Account” area.

6. Follow the instruction for setting up your internet access and when the Roku presents a linking code asking you to link it to your Roku account, do so on the computer in the “My Account” area.

My Account Area

7. Last step is to verify that the account was setup correctly. Go to the Channel store (preferably on the computer) and look for the Pandora channel, install it and try to listen to anything. If this works consider yourself a digital resident of the USA, that music escaping your speakers is the sound of freedom! Much more content is now accessible!

Search around on this site and others and explore all that the Roku has to offer, in particular check out Plex, Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus, Pandora, etc. Also the private channel Nowhere TV is pretty cool, as are many others.


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  1. I had already created my roku account before I found this article. Would I have to close my account and start over in order to do this?

    • Yes you must have the smartdns setup working before creating your account. I believe you can close your account and restart the process. If not you can always make another account with a different email address. Also be sure to have your Roku factory reset and turned off until after you create the American account.

      • Do I have to buy this ROKU 3 Streaming Player Canada Version (4230CA) or can I buy the US version and bring it to Canada?

      • Hello Frances,

        Either version should work. I’ve had both US and CA versions and both function the same. The only difference as far as I can tell is the packaging and model name.

        Honestly though with the Canadian dollar right now versus the US dollar you are better off buying the Canadian version in Canada.

        For example the Roku ultra is retailing for $129USD in America which converts to around $173CDN with today’s rates.

        While the same model is retailing for $139CDN in Canada.


  2. Had an issue getting the sign up page on I got Overplay set up and blocked the Google IPs, but when I would go to the Roku webpage and hit sign in, it would go blank. This was across all my devices, laptop, tablet, phone. After a about an hour and several tries (rebooting the router, double checking all IPs configured, etc) I was able to finally get on the sign up page. After I used a the address for a McDonald’s in New York, I was able to sign up without issue and then get the Roku st up. Thanks a lot for this guide!

    • There are a number of ways, such as those shown here.

      Check out Option 3 in particular. This option is much the same as how I setup my American Roku account. Check here for this option described in simpler terms.

      Let me know if you have any further questions 😉

      • Thanks Daniel. Your instructions are exceptionally clear, which is a rarity, and furthermore, they work!

        I am interested to see the tips on making payments with Canadian credit cards for US services, but unfortunately the two links above either require a login (UnoTelly) or give a weird error message (Blockless). Would you be able to post the info elsewhere?

      • Hello Michael,

        These tips and tricks are always changing. My current go to that seems to work with most services is to purchase a prepaid Vanilla MasterCard from a store like Shoppers Drug Mart. Then register the card on the american Vanilla MasterCard site, using a SmartDNS or VPN service like Overplay. Then register with an american address in a similar way to my Roku US account setup instructions. Then register/subscribe to the service using the Vanilla Mastercard. When it runs out, buy another and repeat the process.

        Happy Holidays!


  3. I’m trying to get the nerve to try this but I’ve already set up my account as well. How do I do a factory reset on my Roku 3? And thanks for the excellent instructions here. This is great!

    • First things first you will have to factory reset the Roku and ensure that after this it is powered off (unplugged) before you connect it to the internet.

      Factory reset is in Roku’s settings menu this will be slightly different depending on your model but basically, “Settings > System > Factory reset > Factory reset everything“.

      Do this then unplug the Roku. Then go to Roku’s homepage and sign in to your existing account and under your account settings look for “Deactivate Account”. Use this and then your account is erased, free to be re-created after setting up Overplay on your router.

      Once your SmartDNS or VPN service is working you can return to Roku’s homepage and setup your account. Then turn on your Roku and viola! Be sure to follow the instruction for setting up your American Roku account detailed above.

      I wish you all the best and if you have any further question do not hesitate to ask 😉

  4. Ok, im ready to try this after having bought an insignia roku tv.. hopefully all the instructions apply the same to the roku tv as does to roku 3.. heres my concern/question.. our other tv is a regular tv with a chromecast stick in it. About a year ago i tried tricking it to believing were in the us but so manu things went wrong i gave up. Whats going to happen when i setup over play ans my router now thinls we in the us but the chromecast still has canadian default?? Thanks

    • I’m not as familiar with the chromecast however the most likely scenario will be you setup Overplay on the router, then setup the Roku account as American and turning on the TV works with American content.

      With this done you will likely see:
      1. The chromecast is now american content also or,
      2. The chromecast continues to function as it did before setting up Overplay on the router.

      I would hypothesize that the the chromecast will work the same as before because I’m assuming to use the chromecast you need a google account and it is likely setup as a Canadian account, not sure though. Hope this works out for you, let me know what you find 😉

    • Yes, with an American Roku account and SmartDNS from Overplay setup on your router.
      Once this is done when you open Netflix on the Roku it will give you access to the American content.

      Try searching for titles such as “30 Rock” and “Sons of Anarchy”, which are only available on American Netflix.

      You no longer need an American Netflix account to view the library, this is because Netflix allows Canadian subscribers, when they travel to the US, to access the American content. So in essence you are just digitally traveling south of the border 🙂

  5. Getting ready to try this and thanks for sharing some great info. Our modem/router is a rental from Rogers. I’m afraid I’ll get in over my head trying to modify their equipment. Is it as simple as changing the DNS and router numbers on my ipad once I receive the number from Overplay?
    How do I change the settings on the router?

    • Hello Cathy,

      In my experience modifying the ISP’s (Rogers, Bell) router/modem is a loosing battle. These devices are not always capable of such modification as manually entering DNS settings. Best thing to do is check with Rogers first or the modem/router manual. If you can’t modify their equipment then you will need to ‘bridge’ the modem/router, which makes it essentially only a modem, then purchase/use a third party router that will allow the option of manually defining the DNS settings.

      All that said… if you are only using an iPad then you can use the Rogers modem/router and change the iPad’s DNS settings. The only real reasons for changing the router’s settings are that Roku set-top boxes don’t have the option to change the DNS settings. The other reason is that once you set the router generally all the devices you use on that wifi network will not need to be set individually as the router settings will take care of that.

      For the iPad check out Overplay’s guide here.

      Hope this helps,

  6. My wife and I are travelling to the U.S. next week. Before buying a Roku 3 yesterday, I did a live chat with Roku to ask about using the unit in both Canada and when we’re in the U.S. They said no problem and suggested setting up two accounts for the one device. I setup last night at my Canadian home, and am wondering what happens when I connect the device to my TV in the U.S. …. Will it automatically lead me through the setup again in the new location, or will I have to use some other procedure to setup the U.S. Account?

    • Hello David,

      There will be no problems. You simply go into the settings on the Roku via the TV and remote and do a ‘Factory Reset‘. Then the Roku is like new and you can setup an American account.

      When you return to Canada do the same and instead of creating a whole new account just enter all the relevant information for your current Canadian account. Or consider continuing to use the American account and subscribe to Overplay’s services so you can keep enjoying all the awesome american content, read more about that on this above. I’m sure you’ll notice the difference when you setup your Roku in the US 😉 .

      All the Best!

  7. Great instructions Daniel, thanks!

    Will changing the router’s DNS to a US DNS affect anything else on my network? I’m concerned that devices like my xbox one will have issues if I suddenly have a US DNS. Also concerned about other website/services like steam. Is it possible for the new DNS to only impact Netflix and nothing else on the network?



    • Hey Dan!

      With a VPN service all of your internet traffic will be rerouted through the service providers (Virtual Private Network[VPN] Servers) however with SmartDNS services you shouldn’t have any problems because the service is designed to be targeted to those services like Netflix, Hulu, etc. which you are likely wanting to modify.

      So no I don’t believe you will experience any problems whatsoever with SmartDNS services on your Xbox One networking or Steam services. Not sure if using VPN services would effect them. I’m thinking yes but not sure how exactly as I’m not overly familiar with Xbox One or Steam. But that’s all good as SmartDNS is all you need to access the US content on the Roku.


  8. If I change my router to USA will I still be able to do my regular Canadian online things, like banking? I have heard that I won’t be able to.

    • Hello Lorise,

      With SmartDNS the service only works with select things. I use SmartDNS and I have no problems, with a VPN service you may experience some issues. So if all you are wishing to affect is your access to US streaming media content then purchase the SmartDNS serice.

      Hope this helps! Any more questions feel free to ask away!

  9. I’m a little confused! I bought a roku 3 based mainly on this article and a few others. Made my USA account from Canada using unblockus, got my payment info setup properly and Pandora works. BUT everything I want to watch prompts me to use a code with my television subscription provider. Obviously I’m in Canada and don’t have a television subscription. Can’t even get a basic television network such as NBC. So far I feel misled and disappointed. Please help! There is nothing to watch! Except Netflix which I already pay for and had no problem with my previous setup.

    • Hello Eric, I hear your frustration and completely understand.

      The Roku environment is completely different from cable/satellite subscriptions and so it takes a little getting used to before you know how to get the content you want and where to get it. This is likely the single biggest deterrent for new users to try it out.

      All I can say is you have to explore for a little while before you find the content you want. I suggest trying out Youtube, Hulu, SlingTV, AmazonTV, HBO Now, AcornTV, PBS, etc. They are mostly subscription based services but with them you’ll be able to get a wide variety of excellent HD quality content. Also check out Plex, it enables you to stream over your home network any movies, tv or music you have on your computer.

      Also SkyNews, CBS News, HuffingtonPost Live, etc. This is some of the free live content available.


  10. Can I get Canadian content in the US with Roku if so what do I need to do? I live in the US for part of the winter and would like to get local TV. I have time warner internet in US and Shaw Satillite TV in Canada

    • Hello Allen,

      Currently there is no real live local Canadian TV content on Roku or any of the set-top media players. This is something I expect will start to change as there is more and more local US content coming to the Roku in terms of mostly local news networks.

      So unfortunately the short answer is no.

      Happy Holidays,

  11. I recently purchased a Insignia TV that has Roku embedded in it. I assumed that I had to stick with Canadian version and the American one would be blocked. Is there anything I can do?

    • Hello Sam,

      I’ve not yet had the experience of owning and setting up a Roku TV. I’m sure its very similar to the Roku streaming media boxes.

      However, my understanding is that it makes no difference whatsoever on whether you purchase a Canadian or American Roku model (TV or media box) other than the packaging which advertises different ‘channels’ for example. I myself own three Roku’s purchased as Canadian models via Canadian websites/stores. These all three work marvelously with an American Roku account and American content.

      Perform a factory reset on the TV by navigating to Settings > System > Factory reset, and then highlight Factory reset everything (instruction here) then turn the TV off and keep it that way for a moment.

      Proceed to Overplay’s website and subscribe to SmartDNS. Then setup the SmartDNS following Overplay’s setup instructions, here setting the DNS settings on the router. Then proceed to Roku’s website ( setup an American account, follow these instructions above. Then turn your TV on and link it to your new American Roku account and proceed to watch American channels and content.



  12. Is it just me or does canadian Netflix have WAY MORE movies than the U.S. one now? I have used their version numerous times the past 6 months (most recently in December) on their side of the border and generic movies which are available here (in Canada) are not on theirs. Am I missing something, or does it really not pay to have US Netflix now?

    • Hello AM,

      Its an ever changing landscape however the short answer is yes. Its still very beneficial to have US Netflix. With SmartDNS you can watch other channels like Hulu, Pandora, Amazon, HBO Now, etc. also.

      For US Netflix vs Canadian Netflix refer to this comprehensive blog detailing recent offers and comparing US to CDN, here.

  13. I think I did everything properly in setting up Overplay and American account, but I do not see an icon for HULU or PANDORA or SLING TV on my ROKU 3. What have I done wrong?

    • Hello Patrick,

      Did you input the Overplay DNS Settings in the router’s setup? Make sure this is done before connecting the Roku to any internet connection as well as before you setup your American Roku account.

      If you didn’t do this perform a factory reset on the Roku, then leaving it unplugged delete your Roku account and restart the process. The router needs to be setup with Overplay and the Roku has to be off and reset. Before creating the American Roku account go to your Overplay members area and perform the service check to see if Overplay’s SmartDNS is working.

      Also what router are you using? Do you see the Hulu and Pandora channels in the Roku channel store on the Roku website?


  14. Can you please explain why roku won’t let me create a US account since my credit card’s address info automatically shows it,s from canada? Thanks!

    • Hello Steph,

      It is possible to create an American Roku account with a Canadian credit card. This is possible if you follow the instruction I gave above to change your postal code to a zipcode. This works, as I and many others have done this. It works because at the time of registering an American Roku account there is no charge to the credit card and therefore no communication with the bank/financial institution. After setting up your American Roku account you can simply remove the credit card and all the information on it from the members area.



      • Hi Daniel, as I write to you I am literally in the Roku account creation screen and have attempted to input my Canadian credit card info with no luck getting the message “Your financial institution has declined the transaction. To find out more please contact your financial institution”. Upon calling them they state since there is no charge going through it is Roku blocking the setup. I even have a secondary US address that I have added to my credit card along with a US phone number via the representative that I was speaking to and still get the same message. Any ideas/thoughts?

      • Hey Folks, FYI….after 4x attempts I then got the message “Max attempts reached…creating Roku account w/o payment info” please update later….all seems good

      • Hello Keith,

        I’m glad it worked out! I did know that after account creation you can remove the credit card information without any effect to using the Roku account, but it’s good to know that you can also bypass this altogether by entering ‘incompatible’ information 4 times.

        Thanks for sharing!


  15. Hi Daniel

    I’m going to the US, in a week, and was planning on buying a Roku 3, from there.
    I already have a VPN service that i use in Canada.
    I plan on signing up for a US acct, and use the tip, about incompatible info, as I don’t want to enter a cc info, only looking for the free stuff.

    How will this affect the box, once it’s back in Canada?
    I don’t want to reset, or care about the Canadian content, as it still needs to play catchup.

    Any info or tips, are greatly appreciated!!!


    • Hey Andre,

      If you set up an account while in the US the Roku will continue to work just fine when you get back to Canada. With the VPN you will even continue to have the US content, as I’m sure you anticipated. Only thing to point out in case you’re unfamiliar with the Roku’s VPN compatibility you will need to setup the VPN settings on your network router. As the Roku itself doesn’t have network settings for DNS servers and the like.

      Bon voyage!


  16. Followed all your instructions … set up overplay account, re-created roku account with US zip code and I’m still getting Canadian roku … I’ve checked and re-checked the DNS settings … driving me nuts!

    • Hello Dawn,

      No worries, we’ll figure it out! First do a complete factory reset of the Roku device and leave it be without connecting to a wifi network just yet.

      Then check if you can add “US only” channels via the web browser. To do this sign on to the members area of Roku’s website and click on “Channels” top left, then look for Hulu, SlingTV, HBO, etc. If you can’t view the american channels via the website under your US account then something went wrong in the setup of the US account (delete the account and start over, remember to look for “Roku, Inc.[US]” in the address bar of the internet browser this tells you Overplay is working on Roku’s website).

      If you don’t see the “Roku, Inc.[US]” bit in the internet browser address bar than the router might not be set up correctly, check in the members area of Overplay to see that the service is working for you.

      After adding an American only channel like the ones listed above connect the Roku device to the US account and connect to your Wifi network. This should fix everything, if you are still having trouble reply with which part of the process isn’t working for you. The more information the better.

      Cheers! Hope you’re having a great weekend otherwise!


      • Thanks for your prompt reply Daniel … the problem was resolved with the help of Overplay … turns out ipv6 MUST be disabled on the router, pcs etc. Once this was done everything else worked great!

  17. I set up my Roku account using a Phoenix address. I would like to switch it to a Dallas address. Is it possible? How do you change your address in the Roku account?

    • Hello Lorraine,

      There is two ways that I can think of.

      First way is to go to and sign in to your account and edit the “billing address” under your “payment method”.

      Second way is to delete your Roku account and create a new one. The second way is unnecessary though because the only time Roku asks for your address is when you input a payment method. This step is done during the account setup and the payment information can be deleted after account setup and the address information remains on file under your “payment method” tab in the members area of

      Its not really necessary they have your correct address as Roku only uses it for information purposes and doesn’t send out mail.

      Hope this helps,


  18. Hi Daniel,

    Followed your instructions so far (they are awesome by the way!) – bought a Roku 3 from, got a month subscription with Overplay, changed the DNS settings on the router (home hub 2000 from Bell), created a US roku account (was only able to complete the account setup using Internet Explorer).

    Now I turn on the Roku 3, and I’m stuck at the part where I’m supposed to get an activation/linking code. It says: “Activation Issue: there was a problem activating. Please get a new code an try again”. I re-tried several times and still the same message. I restarted the router as well as the Roku3 box and still the same message.

    Do you have any suggestions?

    Thanks for your help.

    • Hello Peter!

      I’m glad you are benefiting from the instructions!

      As to your issue with the activation/linking code I believe this implies that there is a problem on Roku’s end (Activation Server may be down/glitchy). Try leaving it for a while and trying again.

      If that doesn’t solve the problem perform a factory reset of the Roku before trying again. If both of these don’t work, as it seems you may have factory reset the Roku already, try updating the firmware of the Roku to the latest version and then check to see the update actually installed.

      Go to the Home screen by clicking on the Home button on your remote.
      Select Settings.
      Select System.
      Select System Update.
      Select Check Now

      If none of these work I would try contacting their support team, here.

      Please let me know if things work out! It may be the Bell router is the issue as the major ISPs often provide routers that don’t do VPN well or at all… gotta love them! If that’s the case you may need to get a separate third party router and put the Bell router in “bridge mode”.

      Best of Luck!

      • Hi Daniel,

        Thanks again for the instructions.

        I have made some progress so far. Good news, finally got an activation link from the Roku3 box and linked it to the Roku US account that I created.

        I also contacted Overplay support to make sure their service was working properly and everything is working. They advised to setup the SmartDNS on my computer and then on the Roku. This was done prior to setting up a Roku account.

        The issue right now is adding Channels from the Channel store…on my computer, when trying to add US channels (such as Pandora) I get a message saying: this channel is not available in my region…

        Do i need a VPN service as well as the SmartDNS in order for this work?


      • Hello Peter,

        It might be that your Roku account isn’t set up correctly. In fact it’s likely, you need to ensure that when you are on Roku’s website setting up the account that the address bar has “Roku, Inc.[US]” before the URL.

        If this isn’t the case then the Roku account won’t be setup as an American Roku account and you will have a Canadian Roku account. Regardless of the ZIPCODE trick used input an American address for the billing section.

        I honestly would delete the account entirely. Then make sure that Overplay is working on the computer by looking for the “Roku, Inc.[US]” before the URL. Then setup the account with the US billing address trick mentioned in this article.

        Setting up the American Roku account has to be done this way or it’s not going to let you add American only channels to the Roku. As to whether you need Overplay’s VPN, no it’s not neccessary. That being said if you want to make the setup process easier then using VPN will ensure you create an American account. Think of it this way… SmartDNS is programmed by Overplay to ‘re-direct’ some traffic/services through a different server to mask said traffic/services from geo-locating you. Whereas Overplay VPN redirects ALL traffic/services through a server to mask all traffice/services from geo-locating you. So if the traffic/service you are trying to access – in this case Roku’s account setup – is not properly seeing you as in the US (masking your location) then Overplay’s SmartDNS is either not setup correctly or something like website “cookies” are interferring.

        Maybe after deleting the Roku account entirely try using another internet browser or try setting up the account in “privacy mode” (for Chrome that is “incognito mode”).

        Also ALWAYS factory reset the Roku before attempting the account setup and leave it offline until after the account is setup!

        Sorry to send you back to the beginning again,


  19. HI Daniel,

    I am a current Canadian Roku 3 user and pleased with the service, but want to access those US channels. I use Pure VPN, and it worked to open a Roku account on the US Site. I also have a US mailing address. The address bar showed it as US, but to activate it I need a link code. This is usually generated when you open the account, but it did not. I am thinking I need to go into Roku Canada and delete my account, but my US account also shows up on the Canadian site, rather odd. Shall I delete both accounts, reset the factory settings, disconnect the Roku from the TV, and then reconnect and go back to the US sight to register a new account so I can get a link code?

    • Hello James,

      Login to Roku members area with your US Roku account and go to “My Account” at the top of the webpage under the “Welcome” menu.

      In the “My Account” area scroll down and you will see a button “+Link a device” click that and use the link code on the Roku box to link the two. If you don’t have a link code provided by the Roku box on the TV (you should upon completion of the setup for the Roku box) then perform a factory reset and follow instruction to setup the Roku until you get a new link code and enter this code in the “My Account” area of the website.

      Merry Christmas!

  20. Hi Daniel,

    I got thru the Roku and Sling Tv sign up, but when I try to search sling tv as a channel it doesn’t show up. I did a factory reset on my roku and entered in the code on the us site…it went thru fine…but my netflix content looks the same as before, which makes me think that the vpn didn’t work??? Is that possible. When I check my ip address, it still shows my location correctly, is this why I can’t add sling tv?

    BTW Thanks so much for posting these instructions…I can’t wait to start using my sling tv!

    • Hello Erica,

      First check that Overplay is working on your router by visiting the members panel here.

      If this confirms that Overplay is working then proceed to factory reset the Roku and unplug before the setup asks to connect to the Wifi (unplug if hardwired to the router).

      Then sign into the Roku members area and … delete the entire account and start from scratch, making sure that “[US]” is shown in the address bar when going to setup the American Roku account.

      Let me know if this solves the problem 😉


    • Correction: I signed up for the smartDNS not the VPN (which would explain why my ip hasn’t changed) but I still don’t understand why I cannot add sling tv as a channel…is it b/c I have yet to change DNS the settings on the router??

      • Yes Erica it is absolutely necessary to setup the DNS servers on the router or the service is not working for the Roku.

        For setup instructions go here. Find your router or a similar one and login to the router settings and change the DNS server settings to the ones give by Overplay here.

        Best of luck,


  21. Hi Daniel
    Great instructions and I followed them to the letter, however when I turned on the roku and went to the channel store I was still in all Canadian content. I did the DNS thing and updated my box (Rogers), created a new account on the US site, and still it went back to the Canadian content. I have no idea what I did wrong.
    I’m in a quandary at what to do next.
    thanks much

    • Hello Darrell,

      Best to restart the process then. First reset the Roku to Factory Settings and leave unplugged from power until everything else is done. Next ensure the DNS addresses are input on the router and then verify they are working by going, here. This should verify that SmartDNS is working on your computer.

      Now go to and delete the existing account you have with them. From this point again go to and signup for a US account following my guide. Of course ensuring the [US] is in the URL/Address bar before the website address.

      Now before you turn on the Roku go here (ensure you are signed in) and check to see US channels like Hulu, Pandora, etc. When you are done with the setup and verified you are seeing US channels via your new US Roku account then turn on the Roku and setup the Wifi and link to the new US Roku account.

      P.s. There may be an issue associated with the Rogers router. Sometimes the ISP router/modems don’t work with VPN services (go figure!). If that’s the case you would need to purchase a third party router from D-Link, Linksys, etc. Bridging the Rogers router/modem so it only acts as a modem. I can help if this doesn’t get resolved with the above instructions.



  22. I do not have a router , we use “free ” wifi at this location can I just use the Roku to go directly and skip a router issue ?

    • Hello Dennis,

      If you can stream video like Youtube and Netflix on the WiFi connection you are using then the Roku should work on it also, delivering regional content. So if you’re in region is Canada, Canadian content, if you’re region is USA, American content.

      However if enabling access to US content in Canada is what you’re after then the router method is the only way I know. This is because unlike a router with which the user has the ability to define its network settings the Roku has no such functions. Then since the router acts as a relay between the internet and the Roku it also ‘imparts’ these settings/parameters onto the Roku’s connection to the internet.



  23. Hello, I followed all of the instructions, using overplay… my roku sharp tv and 2 Samsung phones show US content but won’t play any episodes. (I only mention the phones because they have netflix without roku and have the same result). Has netflix done something this year to identify that devices are in Canada, despite the US ip address?

    • Hello Darryl,

      I’m not sure with the cellphones, I don’t use mine for US Netflix. There may be issues with them because they are likely registered/locked to a Canadian telephone provider?

      However with the Roku there may be a couple potential issues.

      First, what service are you subscribed to is it Overplay or another provider? Also is it a SmartDNS service for VPN?

      Also did you setup the router with the service before turning on your Roku and creating an account?



  24. So I mainly use my Roku for Netflix and wanna do this so I get Amazon. But will this lead to me having US Netflix? I read somewhere that Netflix now bans people who are trying to access US netflix from Canada. I don’t wanna be part of that. So if I do this, would I get US netflix?

    • Hello Steve,

      Using Overplay allows you to set the location preference for each of the content providers it works for, see screenshot. So if you want Amazon content from US and Netflix from Canada you can set that in the Overplay members area. Unfortunately it is necessary to set Netflix to your actual geo-location as Netflix will block your access otherwise. However they do not penalize you for trying, or I would have been blocked long ago 😉

      Happy Streaming,

  25. Hi Daniel,

    I just purchased a 2017 Roku Ultra off Amazon. I have gone through the setup guide around 5 times now trying all the tips you have given in the comments section above.
    I still cannot get the Roku Ultra to set up in the US using Overplay. Here is what I have done.

    Factory reset
    Setup a new login
    Found and used a US address using the procedure recommended above (it wound up being in Canton MA.)
    Confirmed THREE times the Overplay DNS settings had been activated and are working.

    Each time I setup the Roku with the new US address and Settings, the Roku website has the US in front of the address bar. However, once I start setting up the Ultra, I noticed the “language selector” is always showing a Canadian flag and in the fine print on the bottom right of the page it says

    If there is anything I can try to get this working? Is there anything that has changed with the new Ultra unit? Does Overplay not work with this unit?

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

    • Hello Forest,

      If you can try deleting your Roku account via the Roku website. Then again factory reseting the Roku, then with it unplugged for now – ensuring Overplay is working – open the Roku website in an alternate never before used internet browser (ie. Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera, etc.). Setting up the US Roku account as you have in the past attempts. Then after the US Roku account is fully setup, turn the Roku on and link the two.

      Of course it’s important to confirm with you that the Overplay settings are setup via the network router? Not just on the computer.

      Let me know if this works,


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