How to get the Roku 3 on Sale! Roku 4K on the way!


Are you interested in getting the Roku 3 at a cheaper price than ever before?

A few days ago Roku lowered the retail price of their flagship player, the Roku 3. You can now get this awesome set-top media streaming for the low price of $89.98 CDN (plus free shipping at

EDIT: At the time of writing the original post this was true, however the price seems to be flucuating probably because of demand as at the time of writing this update the Roku 3 is sold out at BestBuy and Staples to name a few. Unless you want to try a refurbished device or one sold second hand the price seems to be back to the original $109 CDN. Its not on sale then… but its still awesome, so long as you have SmartDNS or VPN service.

Why? Well no one has the official story as of yet but it seems pretty darn suggestive that the unveiling of a new model is in the works. Probably as soon as April or May of this year! The new device is likely to be labeled Roku 4 or Roku 4K. The 4K being because the rumored new features of this device are to include the capability of playing 4K video streams.

This means that Roku is likely to be the first media streaming set-top player to include such a feature. At the moment there is no real support for 4K Ultra HD so it will be exciting to see the advances in this area with Netflix and Amazon likely to begin support of 4K soon.

The new device has many rumors surrounding the features and specs including the following:

  • It will support 4K Ultra HD
  • Netflix and Amazon likely to offer 4K
  • Improved user-interface experience
  • Likely setting new market benchmarks for Processor speeds and RAM
  • Better remote with short-cut buttons for popular services
  • Added accessories such as a separately sold gaming remote!


Its been nearly two years since the Roku 3 was released and a new set-top box is overdue so we’re hopeful.

This is an exciting time for streaming players and with this new iteration of the Roku we are likely to see more support for these devices from other services like Netflix, etc.

All of this is happening on the heals of new channels and services emerging which are making set-top streaming media players and Roku in particular far more accessible and capable.

With the addition of SlingTV with its live TV services and new live news channels like CBC News and ABC News, the Roku is quickly becoming a very reasonable alternative to cable and satellite TV.

Are you looking forward to the new release? What sort of channels and services are you hoping for in the future?