Super Bowl 2018 on Roku in Canada


Super Bowl 2018

It’s that time of year again and this year is already shaping up to be better than previous years for the streaming community. For the last few years (minus 2017) I have written an article about how to best get live coverage of the Super Bowl on Roku in Canada.

The state of the options available to Roku users in 2015 vs the coverage this year in 2018 are a sure sign that times are changing and more content providers are flocking to adopt streaming as a viable alternative to standard cable/satelite providers.

In 2015 if you were looking to stream the Super Bowl on Roku you were limited to faulty, standard definition at best, coverage via FilmOn or Livestream. Or maybe you signed up the USTVNow and had slightly better luck, minus many buffering issues as the stream faltered due to demand. Not to mention the frankly poor advertisement of how to use these options or even that they were going to work come game day was mostly a hypothesis until the day of the Super Bowl.


Patriots vs Eagles Super Bowl 2018


That is all the past and I can say with some confidence that this year is looking to be much better with several well established options available via the Roku and best of all they offer options from completely free to via subscription services.

But of course you’re likely here for the lowdown on how you can watch the Super Bowl 2018 on the Roku and likely you’re not going to be streaming from the USA. So I am happy to layout the steps to watch this year’s game on the Roku regardless of your “geo-location“.

I am only going to cover the basics for three options as I believe they offer the best options for those just looking for the live stream of the Super Bowl 2018 – preferably in HD – and want it to be as cheap and easy as possible.

As usual as I have no way of knowing how these are going to work come game time but this year I have great faith in at least the top three options, all of which are potentially available free.

Unfortunately as usual these options are only available to streamers in USA so the necessary adjustments must be made if you are streaming from outside the USA. As I’ve pointed out in many places on this blog I prefer using Overplay’s services to access USA content via the Roku. You will need to setup Overplay’s SmartDNS or VPN on your network router/modem so that the Roku will allow access to these American only channels. The setup is not hard and should only take 15-30 mins to setup.

Of the many reasons I prefer Overplay an important one is that since Netflix has blocked SmartDNS and VPN services from accessing US Netflix at least with Overplay’s ‘Location Settings’ (found in the members area) you can select Netflix as “Canada” (or wherever you actually are) and still enjoy the benefits of the other services without blocking your access to Netflix content.

Steps to Watching Super Bowl 2018 on the Roku in Canada

(or anywhere outside of USA)

 (need Overplay setup to access the websites)(Change Postal Code to Zip Code)

More detail on Setting up SlingTV if you live outside the USA, click here. It’s a similar process for Hulu setup. Just remember that you go through the whole process using your own personal information to signup with the single exception of always putting a US zip-code (in place of your postal code) and the corresponding state (in place of your province/territory). Otherwise you can use your actual VISA/MasterCard/etc. info.

  • Install SlingTV’s Roku channel, here. OR Install Hulu Roku Channel, here.
  • Login to SlingTV or Hulu on the Roku.
  • Enjoy Super Bowl 2018 live and in HD.

NBC Sports Roku Channel

NBC – Roku Channel

Live coverage of Super Bowl 2018.

This option is free for all American Roku accounts apparently even without a cable/satellite subscription.


SlingTV Roku Channel


SlingTV – Roku Channel

With this option via the free trial and ‘Zip-Code to Postal Code’ trick you should be able to watch live Super Bowl 2018 on Sling TV‘s Sling Blue service


Hulu Roku Channel***** Hulu Live TV – Roku Channel *****

This is probably the best option for Super Bowl fans as Hulu also offers an array of Super Bowl content on demand as well as the live Super Bowl 2018 coverage. The on demand content includes the commercials of the current year as well as previous years.

I have already set this up with the free trial for this year’s game and look forward to enjoying in HD.


Also apparently the game is available on a number of other services as outlined in the Official Roku Blog, here.


Happy Streaming!