Top 4 Ways to Watch Super Bowl 2015 live on the Roku




It is that time of year again when NFL fans begin plans for an epic night out or in!Super Bowl 2015

The beer and wings are ready and the game begins, Super Bowl XLIX (2015). But are you prepared to watch this outstanding display of two great NFL teams playing at their peak?

This year streaming is improving and access is expanding and the Roku finally has a way to deliver the Super Bowl reliably! In fact if we’re lucky there may be more than one way.

These 4 methods are likely to stream the Super Bowl 2015 live and reliably. Just be sure to bookmark this page to refer to it come game day in case the method you choose proves unreliable. I suggest using option 3: USTVNow, as it seems the most reliable.

The bottom line is that if you have ‘cut the cord’ and want live access to the Super Bowl 2015 than you can have it!

None of these are ‘official’ so bear in mind there is the potential some of these may not work come game day!



1. OTA (Over-the-Air) access (Free with Antennae)

This requires an antennae and successful capture of a signal from one of the networks in your area TV Antennaethat will be airing the Super Bowl XLIX (2015), namely NBC. Of course if you are too rural or live underground this isn’t likely an option. Also not sure how this will work for Canadians.

The benefit of course is that it’s free once you have the antennae and you can continue to have this after the game day.

This doesn’t require the Roku actually!


2. LiveStream Channel (Free)Livestream Roku Channel Add

This is usually a fairly reliable option and has worked for me in previous years, sometimes even in HD, however the feed is less reliable than USTVNow. Only rely on this if you have backup access or aren’t terribly interested in the Super Bowl, as it might not work come game day.



3. USTVNow Channel– Free in SD (Paid Options)USTVNow Trial

This is the best free option for reliability. Simply register a free account with USTVNow and you can add the Roku channel to your line-up and access NBC live free in SD (Standard Definition). This is quick, easy, reliable and free. If you must have HD then consider purchasing a subscription with them. The packages range in price from about $20USD/month to $40USD/month. This is so far very reliable and offers 28 live channels in HD with the subscription, among other features such as DVR.

Worth considering for live cable channel access rarely if ever otherwise seen in such USTVNow Roku Channelan easy to use format on the Roku. This is my top choice for SuperBowl 2015!




4. FilmON Channel– Free in SD

The FilmOn Channel can be added here and then you can access the “Live UK TV” directory and Filmon tv Roku Channelcheck out the Channel 4 live feed. This should be a SD channel with the SuperBowl aired live with commercials and all. Check out their channel 4 guide here.

Also you will have to create a free account and link it to your Roku so that the channel works. My experience is hit and miss with FilmOn, it can be an excellent addition your Roku line-up however they are always experiencing some issues. The real hope is that ‘Channel 4’ works on the day of the game.


These are just 4 ways I am familiar with, this list is not intended to be exhaustive. Also if you have trouble with all of these methods than you can always plug your laptop to your TV and stream directly from the NBC website where it is expected to be available via free live streaming.

Best of luck fellow streamers!



6 thoughts on “Top 4 Ways to Watch Super Bowl 2015 live on the Roku

  1. Great information. You know, we gave up the cable thing a long time ago lol. If it is on the air it is on the internet. For free. No sense paying for something you don’t have to right?

    • That’s exactly my reasoning! Cutting the cord was one of the best things I ever did for my entertainment needs! Now I spend less money on TV and Movies and waste much much less time watching useless TV and commercials! Best part is when I do watch something its always something I want to watch.

  2. Wow, I didn’t know you could use Roku to stream the Superbowl. Very cool! Also, some awesome resources I am definitely going to check out. Thanks for sharing this! Great stuff!

    • Glad to be of service Tim! I feel live streaming internet TV is the future of entertainment, its growing everyday!

      Hope you’re looking forward to the big game!

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