Watch Super Bowl Free & Live on the Roku in 2016


Super Bowl 2016 Live on Roku


It’s Super Bowl time again and this year is going to be a truly magnificent one for NFL and Streaming Fans alike!

The 2016 Super Bowl 50 will be available for Free Live Streaming via CBS Sports channel on the Roku!


Last year I shared with you the ‘Top 4 Ways to Watch Super Bowl 2015 live on the Roku‘ and mentioned the improvements we were seeing for non-cable subscription access to live high-demand events.

I’m excited to see continued improvements as more than ever the entertainment industry is responding to the interests of consumers and offering greater access to high-demand content via Roku!

This year we can mark a turning point in access to live content via the Roku and similar devices. This free live access to the Super Bowl is just a part of the improved access to live content on media set-top devices and it’s free to boot!

This year, as the Carolina Panthers face off against the Denver Broncos the game celebrates its 50th anniversary meaning the golden anniversary in the Golden State (California) this year promises to be the Golden Super Bowl.

With half-time performances from Coldplay and Beyonce (at apprx. 8-8:30pm EST) this year’s game is looking to be awesome!

The setup for watching on the Roku:

First you need to have your Roku set-up and ready with the CBS Sports Channel.

Second, tune your Roku to the CBS Sports Channel on February 7 @ 6:30pm EST

Third, Enjoy! Unless you aren’t in the US, then read below!



If you are in Canada (or otherwise not in the US) and trying to watch the Big Game use Overplay’s SmartDNS/VPN services, to change your digital location to the USA, so you can watch the game for FREE LIVE via CBS Sports channel on Roku.

You will need to perform the following three steps:

Step 1: Subscribe to Overplay’s SmartDNS/VPN Service

Step 2: Setup the SmartDNS/VPN services on your router so they work with the Roku read here

  • Make sure you can modify the DNS settings on your router, as some ISPs like Rogers and Bell provide routers that have limited administrative features. Simply google the router model number and check. If you can it is an easy and quick change.

Step 3: Setup an American Roku account if you haven’t already, click here.

  • Simple process that takes about 15 minutes.


Note: If you are having trouble viewing the CBS Sports Channel on Roku try updating your Roku as I believe you need to be running the latest Roku OS 7.0.


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